Plinth is changing… October 18, 2016 10:36 5 Comments

After a solid 19 months at the wind swept cliff top shop and gallery in Cliftonville, some exciting moves are afoot. Plinth has cultivated its own wonderful family of friends and artists since opening which has generated much new thought. These ideas have begun to outgrow the shop floor. So… from 2017 onwards, a new kind of Plinth will be birthed - both online, housing special product collaborations and shape shifting at roaming events.


Alongside the flexibility of being based in the floating digital world (and revamping, Plinth will alternate between physical forms, making periodical appearances as a new-fangled pop-up art show / live event / menagerie…. whatever makes it tick.

This move is one that I am sure will aide a more creative working model with local artists, minds and makers minus the demands of running a physical space. Rather to concentrate on developing artistic collaborations, curious endeavours and surprising happenings.

Plinth will always be just around the corner...

I’d like to thank all our supporters so far and would love to discuss future collaborations with any local businesses and creative arts spaces as they arise…

The last day of trading at 17 Cliff Terrace will be just before Christmas 2016.

Follow our future movements on social media handle plinthspace

or on


Leon x


Sad Boys & Cheeky Birds October 17, 2016 16:52

21st october - 3rd november 

opening event Friday 21st October 7-9pm

This show came about when Sadie Hennessy locked eyes with one of Richard Heslop's Sad Boys and knew it was love. She's now the proud owner of two of these poignant paintings and they've inspired her to create some works in response. That is Sad Boys & Cheeky Girls; an answering call to the Sad Boy's song.

It's Pathos and Bathos in glorious Technicolor!



Santa Muerte Halloween Secret Drawing Club October 10, 2016 14:20

Saturday 29th october 7-9pm

The Secret Drawing Club presents an immersive life drawing salon experience. The theme will pay tribute to Santa Muerte this Halloween complimented by props, snacks and bespoke playlist.

The session will endeavour to inspire participants with a short programme of poses in keeping with the Santa Muerte theme. We aim to create a relaxed but dynamic creative environment so that the participants can get the most out of their experience.

The Secret Drawing Club deliver Art Salon sessions throughout the region; The Astor Theatre Deal, Grain Store Studios Faversham and at Chichester Hall Sandgate. Adding innovation and energy to the life drawing circuit and wider visual culture of the South East.
The Secret Drawing Club is excited to be working in collaboration with Plinth.

To book a place on the life drawing salon please contact Louise on 07780 601094 or via their FaceBook page: The Secret Drawing Club.

£15 p/person including refreshments


Pete Fowler - Disco Folk Art October 06, 2016 14:28

15th & 16th  October
Opening night Friday 14th october 7-9pm drink, dance, be merry
Known for his artwork for the Super Furry Animals and perhaps his love of DJing and disco music, Pete Fowler has his first exhibition for several years here at Plinth as a result of his residency at the PRAH Foundation.

Pete has been recently exploring the medium of wood carving, using materials available from builders merchants, superdrug and pound shops.

After much whittling, the new sub genre of Disco Folk art was born!

Step aside you Green Men, get glittered up to Sylvester and lose your inhibitions in the forest clearing.

Instagram @petefowler
Twitter @themonsterist

No Vibration - An exhibition of paintings and prints by David Troughton September 29, 2016 13:48


Saturday October 1st – 13th 2016

Private View Friday September 30th 7 – 9pm

David Troughton’s works are a combination of an image transfer technique and acrylic paint on canvas, influenced initially by the use of found objects in Pop Art as a student in the late 60’s early 70’s. Fall into two categories of inspiration; The Wild West, and Space exploration, there is a connecting theme in his work of the pioneering spirit of humankind, ‘to boldly go’ and to explore the unknown.

Daniel Woolhouse - Morning Squeak to Midnight Rattle September 07, 2016 12:33

Plinth is proud to present 'Morning Squeak to Midnight Rattle'

The debut solo show of paintings and drawings by Margate based artist and musican Daniel Woolhouse

Opening evening 16th September 7-9pm

Eyeball, trouser, trees, concentrate, walk, sung, blood, stay, nucleus, stone, “smell”.
Eyeball, trouser, trees, concentrate, walk, sung, blood, stay, nucleus, stone, “smell”.
Eyeball, trouser, trees, concentrate, walk, sung, blood, stay, nucleus, stone, “smell”.
Eyeball, trouser, trees, concentrate, walk, sung, blood, stay, nucleus, stone, “smell”.
Eyeball, trouser, trees, concentrate, walk, sung, blood, stay, nucleus, stone, “smell”.
Eyeball, trouser, trees, concentrate, walk, sung, blood, stay, nucleus, stone, “smell”.

Bare Faced Love August 10, 2016 17:46

We are really PROUD to be part of Margate Pride this year, we'll be hosting a new series of Ltd Edition prints, commissioned by Margate Pride 2016, by Jacob Love in our windows that will be for sale in store and online from Friday 12th August - get them while they're HOT!

 Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. I use the word “love” here not merely in the personal sense but as a state of being, or a state of grace - not in the infantile American sense of being made happy but in the tough and universal sense of quest and daring and growth.

― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

“The words used in these posters were adapted from slogans written by young people at LGBT youth groups in Kent. I condensed down what they were saying into messages that spoke of universal notions of love, so that they became almost abstract, reflecting the vaguely optimistic but hollow slogans of politics and advertising. These statements though are self evidently true and come with no strings attached. The poster designs themselves contain gay symbolism and I used fluorescent and metallic inks to recall disco, acid house and other gay movements from the past to echo the sense of optimism, political literacy and hopefulness which I saw reflected in the young people’s statements. In times of fear we can draw hope from the strong history of queer culture creating spaces for love to happen in the face of hate. For me Pride is a celebration of our capacity to love and be loved, something we all have in common, so it is important the work carries a positive and uplifting message for everyone.”

Jacob’s practice deals with how the queer experience is embodied and disembodied via physical, digital and chemical states. Through photography, moving image, design, installation and gogo dancing he likes to challenge the binary of mind/body and make work that embodies and engages both. Jacob studied BA Art at UWE and received an MA from Goldsmiths, where he now teaches. Jacob has exhibited a wide range of work both in the UK and internationally, including a 2013 solo show at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Lesbian and Gay art in New York. His current project is a film : Queering Hormones, Queering Love, working with the British Film Institute, funded by Wellcome Trust.

You can find out more about all the FANTASTICAL events, parties and more happening during Margate Pride HERE  and more about Jacob's amazing work at 



The Spatialist August 02, 2016 10:01 2 Comments

We are delighted to be hosting a new exhibition called The Spatialist, opening this Friday!

5 - 10 August 2016

Private View Friday 5th Aug 6 - 9pm 

Considering notions of deconstruction, destabilisation and monumentality, The Spatialist is an exhibition dedicated to the ambiguities that operate between the realms of fine art, architecture, design and fashion. Through thematic enquiry, this exhibition will present to you a strong and coherent visual experience that becomes a vehicle to challenge these ambiguities, both theoretically and in practice. Drawing on a talented pool of both established and up-and- coming Kent-based practitioners,

 The Spatialist will provide a unique insight into the sophisticated creative practices emerging outside of the capital.


For more information and exhibition credits, please visit

Raquel Yago Boj July 06, 2016 14:51 1 Comment

We are excited to announce the opening of a new exhibition by Raquel Yago Boj 

Friday July 15th - August 3rd

Raquel Yago Boj's work is an investigation into the construction of the photographic image and by extension our perceptual understanding and relationship to it.

In her most recent series, geometric coloured objects are placed into the landscape in such a way as to appear to run parallel (or flat) to the picture plane through the cameras fixed perspective point. The ensuing photographic print denies these objects their three-dimensional materiality, creating the illusion of flat entities of pure colour floating on the picture plane at odds with the surrounding landscape. This collision interrupts the autonomy of the image and breaks our ability to read it as a unified pictorial space. Instead the viewers attention is directed to contemplate the abstract and illusory nature of the pictorial representation.


For more information please email :

Announcing - The Secret Drawing Club – Hammer Horror Life Drawing: Saturday July 2nd 2015! June 13, 2016 17:18

The Secret Drawing Club bring their unique brand of life drawing salons to Margate.

The Secret Drawing Club presents an immersive tribute to Hammer Horror complemented by a bespoke playlist, fabulous props, Red Velvet cupcakes, tea and coffee.

The session will endeavour to inspire participants with a short programme of poses in keeping with the Hammer Horror theme - Bride of Dracula - after a short break artists will be invited to draw a sustained pose. We aim to create a relaxed but dynamic creative environment so that the participants can get the most out of their experience.

The Secret Drawing Club deliver Art Salon sessions throughout the region; The Astor Theatre Deal, Grain Store Studios Faversham and at Chichester Hall Sandgate. Adding innovation and energy to the life drawing circuit and wider visual culture of the South East.
The Secret Drawing Club is excited to be working in collaboration with Plinth.

To book a place on our upcoming Hammer Horror life drawing salon please contact Louise on 07780 601094 or via their FaceBook page: The Secret Drawing Club.

£15 p/person including refreshments



Places, Faces, Things May 17, 2016 10:40

We're exited to annouce the opening of a new exhibition Places, Faces, Things 

Four artists explore the tentative and ambiguous relationship between creative activity and rationalisation.

Friday June 3 rd – 16th 2016

Places, Faces, Things as a premise willingly generalises the notion of *subject* (the great vessel of meaning; i.e: what's it about?) playfully undermining their promise of significance in order to focus instead on the poetics of making, not making, remaking and revisiting, being too busy, doing what you can; the vitality of the daily practice that can sometimes seem to play a risky game of undoing between the heady demands of *ideas*.

Exhibiting artists:
Simon Foxall
Ashley Loxton
Gregory Williams
Shaun Stamp


For more information please email :

Tales of the Sea and Me May 12, 2016 11:30

Recent local graduate Hannah Clark showcases the first stages of her career as a young illustrator and artist with Tales of the Sea and Me. This exhibition tracks Hannah’s progress having returned to Thanet following a BA at Middlesex university and poses a question: How does a young artist today work commercially as well as explore their inclination to create art that reflects them more personally? Drawing on the sea that drew her back to her hometown, with its own creations of beauty and ugliness and comfort as a source of inspiration for her watercolours.

Friday May 20th – 26th  2016

About the artist

Born and based in Thanet, Hannah graduated from Middlesex University in London in 2010 with a BA Illustration. Primarily a freelance illustrator, Hannah’s previous clients already include publications periodicals and well-known card companies with some original work featuring in boutique hotels in Cornwall. Having worked with watercolours initially whilst at Clarendon House Grammar School she’s never looked back - Inspired by nature first and foremost, Hannah uses intense colours and a unique palette in her work as well as a strong eye for composition, challenging the modern perception of watercolours.


Hannah has a permanent presence at Lovely’s Gallery in Cliftonville and has also exhibited in London at the Truman Brewery and Bankside Gallery.

'Everything But' OPENING NIGHT... April 03, 2016 18:00 1 Comment

Plinth presents Rebecca Lucy Taylor - Everything But

THANK YOU one THANK YOU all! What a WONDERFUL opening night,the floor is still sticky with Prosecco.

If you missed the opening night or want some meditative time to absorb it all again then pop on in as the show is on until 24th of April.


All works and editions for sale can be found HERE

Plinth presents : Rebecca Lucy Taylor - Everything But March 23, 2016 11:10

Plinth presents the debut show by Rebecca Lucy Taylor

Open April 1st - April 27th. Come ONE come ALL...

Rebecca Lucy Taylor is an artist, musician and film maker born in Sheffield, UK. She has spent the last 15 years writing, recording and touring with her band Slow Club and has begun to collate her art practise here in Margate since 2015 under the project name SELF ESTEEM.

“I began to find music to be too restrictive to my creative process and needed a less structured outlet. I’m obsessed with bodies and sensation and the middle ground between a thought entering a mind then it being processed into reality. I think I’m trying to cut out the middle processing bit and make things appear, in their purest form. I’m an impatient narcissist basically, and using text, paint and film has allowed me to get to my end result quicker.”

Press Release HERE 

Plinth's first exhibition extended to 20th February by popular demand + special event! February 16, 2016 15:09

Thank you all who came to the first Plinth gallery venture 'Stocks Alone at Home Exhibition' - we are excited to say not only has the show now been extended to 20th February but also to announce...
On Saturday 20th February the artist himself, Tim Stocks, will be offering personal portraits while you wait - of you, your partner, your offspring or even your pet! (ANY and ALL pets or people welcome!)

This will be a first come first served basis and for a special price of £30 you will have a unique signed artwork to cherish for ever and ever and ever...

FB event HERE

Short film excerpt from Stocks Alone at Home by Tim Stocks and Leon Hatcher February 10, 2016 17:41

A short film will be on show during the exhibition, here is a tiny taster... 

Another excerpt from the film about Tim's spiritual connection can be found HERE ...ENJOY!

Plinth gallery launch... February 10, 2016 12:00

Thank you to all who came and all who will come!

The show runs till 20th of February, come get immersed in the world of Tim Stocks whilst you can!

Press release can be read HERE

Also a short interview about the new space can be found HERE

All photos by the wonderful Ollie Harrop


Plinth opens NEW gallery space... January 16, 2016 13:45

Plinth is EXPANDING!

The new gallery and pop up space to the rear of the shop aims to give further exposure to creative talents by providing a space for experiments.

Accessible by double doors inside Plinth, it’s also available to hire for exhibitions, happenings and interesting events.

We launch with a show of works by Margate artist Tim Stocks on February 4th 2016 at 6pm till 9pm. please come and celebrate with us, bring your friends and raise a glass!

Tim Stocks is Margate born and bred and describes his art as a celebration of how he honestly sees life, rather than a celebration of the artworks themselves. As Tim is not formally trained it would be tempting to describe him as an outsider artist, as much perhaps as it would be tempting to describe Tim’s work as homoerotic (Tim is a self-proclaimed “lover of the beauty of cheeky boys”) but for him it’s more spiritual than that.

His paintings are big, bold, colourful and immediate.

"Always paint what's in your heart"

For more information please contact

Facebook event page HERE

LATE night shopping on Cliff Terrace December 14, 2015 16:07

Christmas windows ‘Buy Best Buy British’ by Charlie Evaristo-Boyce December 05, 2015 14:35

Today we launch our DIY-punk festive window’s at Plinth on Cliff Terrace by the Margate seas! Built entirely from reclaimed, hand painted wood perfectly complimented by Charlie's exclusive wrapping paper that was created during a screen-printing session at the neighbouring Resort Studios on Athelston Road.

The characters and prints are based on found everyday objects in the local area, ice cream cones, fruit boxes, confectionery packaging and vintage magazines.

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce is a 21st century pop artist who transforms the ordinary into the iconic. The subjects of his prints are unassuming images found within the agricultural industry, such as fruit and vegetable boxes, or other objects plucked from the urban detritus of everyday life. We are proud to have several of his original art works for sale in the shop also.


Plinth is home to a wealth of wares by emerging artists and designers from all over Britain and beyond and as Christmas is a great time to shop local, our core selection of local makers sit pride of place, alongside hand-picked lifestyle products from contemporary and traditional British brands and craft.

We are open from Wednesday to Sunday 10:30 to 6:00pm

By The Sea Festival... November 13, 2015 13:21

This weekend Margate is home to the brand new By The Sea festival at Dreamland, hosted by our brilliant friends Moshi Moshi Records.

Pick up a copy of the festival programme instore for a guide to Margate and discounts in local shops / restaurants...

It also features works by some amazing Plinth ARTIST's including :

Charlie Evaristo-BoyceDaniel WoolhouseEmma Gibson

Julia RiddioughSAMZINE - Heidi Plant


BY THE SEA takes place at the recently reopened Dreamland – a fully functioning amusement park, featuring rides, arcades and other adventures – By The Sea plays matchmaker to the most exciting artists of our times and an incredible setting amidst the stunning British coastline in Margate, Kent.


Revival-on-Sea September 05, 2015 15:14

The great British seaside resort now has art galleries, coffee shops and concept stores galore, and it’s the Kent coast that’s leading the way...

Great new article on Margate and the creative Kent coast by Toni & Guy Magazine featuring Plinth​ and The Reading Rooms​ with mentions of Fort's Café​, Breuer & Dawson, Roost Rotisserie​, Haeckels​ and more...


GQ City Guide: Margate - the best things to see and do in Margate September 01, 2015 01:37

A nice mention in a the GQ City Guide alongside some of our best friends... Read more HERE

Since the opening of the stunning Turner Contemporary Gallery on the seafront in 2011, a new generation of residents and visitors means the town is now buzzing with newfound energy. The beautiful Georgian and Victorian boarding houses are being renovated and reopened once again as stylish places to stay, there's a booming restaurant and bar scene, and the legendary Dreamland amusement park is being restored to its former glory...

TRANSformed event - Margate TRIBES festival at Plinth August 17, 2015 12:55

We are very proud to be teaming up with colourful club scene fun-masters Sink The Pink during Margate Pride and especially for Margate TRIBES festival (a collaboration for month long creative events stretching between Dreamland and Turner Contemporary gallery).

Expect to see some gigantic luminous window displays installed alongside a special TRANSformed area: as Sink the Pink will be hosting the Pride after party 'Cockles and Muscles' at Dreamland pleasure park, anyone can come and get glittered and make-up'd to the nines all afternoon for free at Plinth!

More information on TRIBES festival here

on Kent Pride 2015 here

and full program here

SAMZINE - in a field of daisies... August 01, 2015 20:16 15 Comments

The brand new issue of SAMZINE has just buzzed into the shop! 

Feel honoured to be this issue's centrefold, read the Plinth feature below...

Samzine covers the latest adventures in Margate and the surrounding towns. Reviews of musical antics, interviews with coastal celebrities, squiggles and scribbles via hugs and biscuit munching.

It’s handwritten and handmade on a bedroom floor.

ARTIST OF THE WEEK : Claudia Pape July 25, 2015 11:43

This weeks artist is the monochrome eye catching designs of Claudia Pape who founded her collection of thoughtful home ware products Above and Beyond in 2011.

A Graphic Designer by trade, Claudia graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters Degree in Communication Design.

Above and Beyond was born out of an initial aim to find a home for all the projects and ideas that came up outside of her creative work for agencies, shifting the focus to concept driven thoughtful home ware products that go beyond simply applying a graphic or pattern to an item. Whether it is to connect two pillow cases to form a unit, or turn two plates into a set telling time, there always is a reason behind what she does, that makes the result stand out.

View her current creative collection HERE

ARTIST OF THE WEEK : Daniela Rubino July 11, 2015 14:06

Plinth artist of the week is independent designer and artist Daniela Rubino who hand makes unique concrete sculptures and forged steel artworks using marbled, painted, polished concrete with a striking simplicity and a wonderful use of geometry

You can woweeee at her wonders in store and HERE

WILD SWIMMING : Walpole Bay Tidal Pool July 03, 2015 18:25 1 Comment

Just in! A great new publication Wild Swimming Walks by the famous swimming ladies of Hampstead, that compiles their favourite countryside walks and swims across southern and eastern England.

It features our TIP-TOP spot for a wild dip, The Walpole Bay Tidal Pool, Yes!

Just up the road in Cliftonville, you will find this grand glorious Grade ll listed Victorian built structure that dates back to 1900 and is filled with multitudes of pure fresh water springs that arise from the beach within the walls, this enables it to be continuously overflowing with a supply of fresh clean water from the floor of the pool.

This beautiful structure is a regular home to the wonderful Walpole Bay Tidal Pool Swimmers

You can view their recently launched new website HERE for detail on tide times, social swims, local history and more!

Margate to Broadstairs, Kent

A coastal walk including the Turner Contemporary gallery, a glimpse of a historic lido and a swim in the renowned Walpole Bay sea pool.

Your first swimming spot is right by Margate station, in the sandy bay next to the boating pool. Make your way across to the Turner Contemporary gallery. Pick up the Thanet Coastal Path, which you will follow for the rest of the walk. Depending on the tides, you can walk along the promenade or the sand. Go past the Winter Gardens, and you will reach the Lido. Walk on for about half a mile to the Walpole Bay sea pool, a walled pool that fills at high tide and provides a wonderful swim.

Follow the path to the end of Botany Bay, before it drops down, and leads into Broadstairs next to the beach. In Broadstairs, you can enjoy a last swim and then have fish and chips and a pint.

If you have not dallied too much, as we did, you may even have time to visit the Dickens Museum, before heading home via the railway station.

photo : Sarah Saunders

ARTIST OF THE WEEK : Katie Scott July 02, 2015 14:46

Plinth featured artist this week is the wonderful Katie Scott.

Inspired by Japanese medical illustration, alchemical drawings and the elaborate biological paintings of Ernst Haeckel. She renders the style and aura of old fashioned technical drawings in the present to give illustration a fresh contemporary twist.

Her drawings capture life at its most fragile and vibrant, exploring the beauty inherent in both nature and the art of drawing itself.

RELEASED TODAY is her new Animalium - Activity Book. Bursting with fascinating facts and puzzles, this book offers hours of entertainment to artists and animal lovers.

Beautiful and inspiring, the myriad activities in this book challenge the reader to discover something new and explore their imagination to draw, decorate and design on every pull-out page.

View Katie's exclusive editions and publications HERE

Whoop... Hold On Tight June 09, 2015 19:25

Britain's faded seaside towns have been bouncing back over the past decade and arty Margate is leading the way...

Thanks Condé Nast Traveler for the wonderful article featuring our friends Haeckels, Roost Rotisserie and Bar, Margate Arts Club, Resort Studios and Transmission Records - just a small drop in the ocean of all the great people and places here!

Read the article HERE   and at Conde Nasté online HERE


We are officially open! June 01, 2015 20:57

What a day, thank you from Plinth to all of our visitors and first customers, especially those who came from far and wide to shop, browse, say hello and wish us well. We are delighted for our artists, makers and brands who have been enjoyed by so many new friends. We couldn't have asked for a better, sunnier day, or for better neighbours...and much much more....

Stay tuned for our online shop, opening very soon indeed.

Plinth opening day... May 13, 2015 21:40

Click HERE to download press release

Exciting new Cliftonville gallery and shop to open on Saturday... May 12, 2015 00:00

"Provenance is important to Plinth, and everyone should get equal pride of place."

Thank you Thanet Gazette, Read more HERE

Scientists capture stunning images of deep sea creatures May 09, 2015 15:44

Oceans cover two thirds of the Earths surface. We've explored just 5 percent of them. 

things are warming up along Cliff Terrace ☀ April 16, 2015 15:59

Thank you to the Thanet Gazette and our inspiring neighbours Haeckles, Fort's and soon to be open Roost.

'Leon and Emma set to open cutting edge alternative space Plinth in Cliftonville next to trendy chicken rotisserie Roost

Cliftonville is thriving. A short walk past a busy Fort's Cafe and you reach Cliff Terrace, a tiny row of shops opposite the Lido in various states. It is a mishmash of dilapidation and creation with an overwhelming vibe of resurgence and permeated by the heady aroma of Haeckels, which has recently started selling its products in a London hotel. 

Now there is Plinth, the idea of artist Emma Gibson and her artist, curator and DJ partner Leon Hatcher. Both are excited at the possibilities of the space not just for their own work but for the work of others. Leon says: "Plinth is a chance to let emerging artists show their work. It's so hard for people to get established"


Leon has found a sense of freedom away from the London scene as a DJ and played at Resort's recent party - "It's great I have been able to play my own music, to a certain extent." The cavernous building also sells a range of items sourced by the pair. "Leon has a really good eye" explains Emma. "Each piece we sell and show will have a story - the provenance is really important" Leon says clearly passionate about a vision and idea that has grown organically since they upped sticks and moved to Cliftonville.

The couple have been labouring away and both show me around the huge space. There is a yard at the back and a smaller room. Emma says "We run a radio show so that would be the perfect space." The plan could eventually lead others to use the equipment and develop their own ideas. Emma adds: "We didn't come here to make a quick buck. We wanted to live by the sea - we both grew up on the coast."

Leon is originally from the Isle of Wight and Emma from Wales - they met in London through the arts community in Stoke Newington. After a trip to Hastings the pair came to Margate for a weekend and "fell in love". Emma says "The community here is amazing, we've had so many people offer us help and are interested in what we are doing here. We've been invited to dinners and made new friends..."

The Silent Evolution April 13, 2015 13:09

Hoping for artist Jason deCaires Taylor to install in the Walpole Bay Tidal Pool some day...

The Silent Evolution
Depth 8m, MUSA Collection, Cancun/Isla Mujeres, Mexico.


Keep Track of All the Small Victories April 06, 2015 16:07

after carpet...


Zaria Forman - Chasing The Light April 05, 2015 12:16

Zaria Forman is no ordinary artist.

Her work isn't just moving and dramatic but the most impressive part...?

She paints with her fingers... read more HERE

Ray Collins - Found at Sea April 01, 2015 22:12

The coal-miner turned photographer is bringing a new angle to oceanic imagery

The coal-mining town of Bulli, south of Sydney, is not regarded as a repository of high art, nor as a vibrant and pulsing beehive of life and color, and yet there was Ray Collins. Seven years ago the idea of his new photography book, Found at Sea, would have seemed ludicrous to him; he was still working a mile down in the mines and hadn’t shot a single frame. Collins crawled out of the mines after blowing out a knee—“No shock absorbers left,” he says—and bought a camera with the payout. In the short years since, Collins has transitioned from subterranean to submarine and become arguably the most inventive water photographer in Australia. 

The Now - Ray Collins from Ray Collins on Vimeo.

Sophie Calle - Voir le Mer March 25, 2015 07:59 2 Comments

'For the First and Last Time is an exhibition combining two of Sophie Calle's recent projects. In 2010, she was sent to Istanbul to make work for the European Capital Culture. There Calle pursued an idea that had been lingering ever since she made Blind (1984), a project in which she interviewed two dozen people who were born blind and asked them to describe their image of beauty. For The Last Image (2010) she spoke to those who were not born blind, but had become blind, and asked them to describe the last image they ever saw. All of the responses have been edited down by Calle, creating a poignant, nostalgic tone.

As Calle was making this project, she came across a newspaper article that described a group of Istanbul residents who came from central Turkey, and had never seen the sea. Istanbul is a city dominated by water, and most of them only lived about 15 miles away from it. This immediately caught Calle's attention, and she decided to find some of these people and film their reaction to seeing the sea for the first time. The result is a project titled Voir la mer (To See the Sea)'

read the article here

Voir la mer, 2011 digital film with color and sound, framed photograph. Edition of 3. Courtesy Galerie Perrotin, Paris/New York

peeling back the layers March 23, 2015 00:30

follow our progress 


renovation begins! March 17, 2015 12:56

coastal Inclination March 15, 2015 12:26

Turning right from the new shop led us to one of the best beaches in town, Botany Bay.

sweeping bright white chalk cliffs

it's said that Botany Bay found its name when those found in possession of smuggled goods were deported to Botany Bay in Australia. 

perfect setting for this wonderful starkly contrasted video by Bat For Lashes

Directed by Noel Paul
Choreography Jorge Crecis & Katie Lusby

17 Cliff Terrace - new home March 01, 2015 22:00

Goodbye London - Hello Margate!

We have the keys!

A Date with The Sun February 25, 2015 13:26

Let's runaway...

A Date with The Sun, Margate 1965. Directed by Noel Paul, Narrated by Kenneth Horne, Armada Productions