Plinth is changing… October 18, 2016 10:36 5 Comments

After a solid 19 months at the wind swept cliff top shop and gallery in Cliftonville, some exciting moves are afoot. Plinth has cultivated its own wonderful family of friends and artists since opening which has generated much new thought. These ideas have begun to outgrow the shop floor. So… from 2017 onwards, a new kind of Plinth will be birthed - both online, housing special product collaborations and shape shifting at roaming events.


Alongside the flexibility of being based in the floating digital world (and revamping, Plinth will alternate between physical forms, making periodical appearances as a new-fangled pop-up art show / live event / menagerie…. whatever makes it tick.

This move is one that I am sure will aide a more creative working model with local artists, minds and makers minus the demands of running a physical space. Rather to concentrate on developing artistic collaborations, curious endeavours and surprising happenings.

Plinth will always be just around the corner...

I’d like to thank all our supporters so far and would love to discuss future collaborations with any local businesses and creative arts spaces as they arise…

The last day of trading at 17 Cliff Terrace will be just before Christmas 2016.

Follow our future movements on social media handle plinthspace

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Leon x