Margate, Kent, UK.

Men are from Mars  ♂ 

4mm sterling silver tube coils terminating in conical hollow forms, hand constructed from flat sheet. They have sterling silver 0.8mm ear posts and silicone stoppers.

Bending tube is a notoriously tricky metalsmithing process; these Tube earrings explore its potential.

Tubing is forged using traditional metalsmithing techniques into assorted shapes, inspired by ethnic jewellery and modernist geometry. A hidden silver ear post gives the illusion of the tube pushing straight through the ear.


Hardware for the body...

Load yourself with the Earth’s elements and make war on perfection...

Billie M Vigne is a metalsmith and jewellery artist working predominantly in silver, brass, copper, bronze and aluminium from her studio here in Margate. She is the sole brain and pair of hands behind BMV Jewellery, whilst also working on larger exhibition pieces and private commissions.

Billie's work is an ongoing study of traditional decorative and structural metalsmithing techniques found in ethnic and tribal jewellery. Hand fabrication and a fundamental respect for craftsmanship are imperative to her process, leading to one-off or small scale series’ of pieces

Explain yourself

"After dabbling in various crafts including puppetry, sewing and machine knitting garments, repairing and constructing objects for the home, I came to metalwork. Where matters of taste were concerned, I wanted to become more self-sufficient; I wanted to dress myself entirely in my own work. I was frustrated by the crude construction and lack of materials-focus in high street jewellery but had no innate sympathy with the fine jewellery world, so I began teaching myself the rudiments of silversmithing through books and short courses. I eventually came to the skills-based City and Guilds Structured Jewellery courses and was subsequently asked back as an Emerging Maker in Residence.

Through my ongoing interest in ethnic and tribal jewellery and my discovery of the Theatre of the Bauhaus (Oskar Schlemmer’s futuristic, hilarious and unnerving amalgam of dance, costume, cabaret, sculpture, physics, philosophy, music and minimalism) and then Memphis, I’ve built my own Post-modern, ethnographic aesthetic. I tend to gravitate towards anything which disrupts the stasis of the form from which it emerges. As such, the influence of DIY music culture and the subcultures of the 80s has been ever-present in my work; Punk, New Wave, Michael Clark, the Fall, Tom Waits, Fad Gadget, Bowie, Wendy Carlos…”

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