You can follow and listen to the Plinth shop playlists here...


(shuffle and repeat for ever and ever and ever is recommended)


- Night-time is the Right-time -

Nocturnal whispers to drip drop tick tock slip soft slide away

- Dreams -

The fail-safe something for all 9 to 5 playlist


- Spellbound -

The dark clouds and rain over the seas heading towards us playlist


- Tropical Moonlight -

The sun kissed waves lapping the shores look up at the gulls playlist


- Dance Hall Days -

The trapped in a John Hughes movie dance wine and line playlist


- Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down -

The slightly blurred reflection in the mirror morning after playlist

- Soft Slow Suite -

The head up studio stargazing / head down sunday slumber playlist

- Haunted -

Spooky spectral Halloween themed tingles

- Summertime Sadness -

- Cold Cold Ground -

winter weird and warm


- Wandering Winter Wonderland -

Festive folly for your silly chilly lug holes